Colpop was born with passion to provide joy to our fans whom representing our motivation. Pamper them with a tasty burger, sliders and unique snacks flavours that they have been dreaming of.

we only serve our burgers with the very best ingredients and condiments to bring out all the burger flavor goodness,You'll love every bite of our hand-crafted burgers made with 100% fresh all-natural prime ingredients, whether you ordering The original burger,

a favorite of all, or you want to switch it up to our yummy sliders and mouth watering snacks!, here for everyone to enjoy eatin'. A fresh to table burgers!



In COLPOP@ We are proudly serving our signature burgers with 100% fresh ingredients with home-made sauces, For our burgers we are using the best part of the certified black angus beef@ which is The "Chuck".Pure land angus ground beef products are made from the same great angus beef as our burgers.
USDA inspected all natural black angus ground beef does not contain additives or preservatives just 100% pure black angus beef, That we are creating our mouth-watering burgers recipes with a natural twist. Our all natural beef burgers bring healthy twist to our comfort food.


Thats how we present our methodology, Service type and flavored food technology. COLPOP@ bring a new style of enjoying the food easily grab-n-go in one hand to carry your food up "Hot pop in top of the cup and cold drink in the bottom". We use the highest branded products that approved by expert consultant in food tasting. COLPOP creating the up normal ideas that suit the concept to keep improving the fans satisfaction all of the time. Colpop cups are made with safety, hygienic and quality with inner snack plate.